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There are hundreds of periodic tables in web space, but there is only one comprehensive database of periodic tables & periodic system formulations. If you know of an interesting periodic table that is missing, please contact the database curator: Dr Mark R Leach.

pre 1900 formulations 1900 to 1949 formulations 1950 to 1999 formulations 2000 to 2009 formulations Spiral formulations 3 dimensional formulations
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Philatelic Table of The Elements

I created and first displayed [this Philatelic Table of the Elements] at the ACS National Meeting in San Diego last month.

The table has been assembled with each element is represented by a single (or in a few cases a pair) of postage stamps. The table offers a platform for discussions of people, places, sources and applications associated with 114 elements. A total of 73 stamp issuing entities are represented. The table runs from hydrogen, with a North Vietnamese stamp celebrating the test of first Chinese H bomb, to livermorium, represented by a Soviet issue marking the 25th anniversary of the Nuclear Research Institute at Dubna. The table travels from Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni (lithium) to the Enewetak Atoll of the Marshall Islands (einsteinium) and spotlights environmental impacts of phosphate extraction in Nauru and lead mining in Peru. Discoverers and inventors from Moissan and Soddy to Auer and the Curies are met along the way. A range of applications including cesium formate brines in North Sea oil and gas drilling, indium in solar energy conversion, lanthanum in electric cars and technetium in positron emission tomographic medical imaging is included.

Eventually, my aim is to produce a book which includes an essay for each element and stamp. I have made significant headway with the writing but there is much still to be done.

Larry French
Baker Professor of Chemistry
St. Lawrence University

Click here for full size version

Philatelic periodic table

1 Hydrogen North Vietnam Test of Chinese Hydrogen Bomb
2 Helium U.S.S.R. Tokamak Fusion Reactor
3 Lithium Bolivia Salar de Uyulni Salt Flats
4 Berylium Brazil Emeralds
5 Boron Turkey Colmanite CaB3O4(OH)3 . H2O
6 Carbon Angola Blood Diamonds
7 Nitrogen France Alkaloids, Quinine Discovery
8 Oxygen Israel Heavy Oxygen Isotopes Plant
9 Fluorine France Moissan Discovery of F
10 Neon U.S.A. Las Vegas Neon Sign
11 Sodium Turks and Caicos Salt Cay
12 Magnesium France Victor Grignard
13 Aluminum Greenland Cryolite Na3AlF6 Hall-Heroult Process
14 Silicon Swaziland Havelock Asbestos Mine
15 Phosphorus Nauru Phosphate Mining
16 Sulfur Poland Sulfur Production
17 Chlorine Cambodia DDT Insecticide
18 Argon Sweden Argon Compounds in Crab Nebula
19 Potassium East Germany Liebig Plant Nutrients
20 Calcium Aden Lime Burning
21 Scandium Norway Thortveitite (Sc,Y)2Si2O
22 Titanium Senegal Titanium Dredging
23 Vanadium Rep. S. Africa Vanadium Mining
24 Chromium Zimbabwe Chromite
25 Manganese Spain Catalan Mn Emission Spectrum
26 Iron Sierra Leone Marampa Iron Mine
27 Cobalt Canada Cobalt-60 Radiation Therapy
28 Nickel New Caledonia Garnier and Nickel Mining
29 Copper Chile Copper Conference, Copper Sulfide Structure
30 Zinc Belgium Dony Zinc Purification
31 Gallium U.S.S.R. Mendeleev's Notes
32 Germanium U.S.A. Transistors
33 Arsenic Germany Erlich Salvarsan Arsenical Drug Syphillus
34 Selenium Sweden Berzelius Selenium Sample Electron Microscopic View
35 Bromium Israel Dead Sea Salt Works World's Largest Bromine Supplier
36 Krypton France Krypton Emission Line Definition of Meter
37 Rubidium East Germany Kirchhoff Dicoverer Rubidium
38 Strontium Liechtenstein Strontianit SrCO3
39 Yttrium Japan Yttrium in Superconducting Materials
40 Zirconium French Antarctic Zircons
41 Niobium Uganda Columbite (Fe,Mn)Nb2O6
42 Molbdenum North Korea Molybdenum Mining
43 Technetium U.K. Technetium-99m Medical Imaging
44 Ruthenium Bophuthatwana Plantium Minerals Industry
45 Rhodium Algeria Air Pollution, Catalytic Converters
46 Palladium Czechoslovakia Slovnaft Petrochemicals, Palladium Catalyts
47 Silver Mexico World's Largest Silver Producer
48 Cadmium Hungary Greenockite CdS Mineral
49 Indium Australia CIGS Solar Cells
50 Tin Thailand Tin Mining
51 Antimony China Stibnite Sb2S3 Mineral
52 Tellurium Romania Franz-Joseph Muller Disovery Tellurium
53 Iodine India Iodine Deficiency
54 Xenon East Germany Xenon Anaesthesiology
55 Cesium Norway Cesium Formate Drilling Fluid North Sea Oil Rig
56 Barium Greece Barite BaSO4 Mineral
57 Lanthanum Cuba Battery Applications Electric Cars
58 Cerium Sweden Berzelius Discovery of Cerium
59 Praseodymium Uganda Monazite Source of Praseodymium
60 Neodymium Japan Eruption Volume and Neodymium Isotopes Unzen Volcano
61 Promethium Czech Republic Promethium Anticipated by Bohuslav Brauner
62 Samarium Taiwan Neutron Capture/Attenuation Nuclear Reactor Control Rods
63 Europium Uruguay Compact Fluroescent Lighting
64 Gadolinium Finland Johan Gadolin
65 Terbium Mozambique Euxenite Source of Terbium
66 Dysprosium Italy Applications in Sonar Systems
67 Holmium China Chinese Rare Earths Mining Industry
68 Erbium Switzerland Fiber Optics
69 Thulium France Thulium Lasers and Eye Surgeries
70 Ytterbium India Rare Earths Plant
71 Lutetium East Germany Recent Redating of Earth's Crust Using Lutetium Isotopes
72 Hafnium Sweden George de Hevesy Discovery Hafnium/Medical Imaging
73 Tantalum Slovakia Electron Density Isoline Crystalline Ta-Ge-Te Alloy
74 Tungsten Spain Bicentenial Tungsten Discovery Juan and Fausto Elhuyar
75 Rhenium U.S.S.R. Kotelnikova Rh-Rh Linkage
76 Osmium Austria Carl Auer Osmium Lamp
77 Iridium Mexico Iridium and Alvarez Extinction Hypothesis Yucatan Meteorite
78 Platinum Columbia Initial Discovery of Platinum
79 Gold Ghana Gold Mining
80 Mercury Hungary Paracelcus and Alchemical Symbol for Hg
81 Thallium Macedonia Lorandite TlAsS2 mineral
82 Lead Peru Galena PbS Mineral
83 Bismuth Bolivia Bismutina Bi2S3 Mineral
84 Polonium Cameroon Pierre Curie Co-discovery Polonium
85 Astatine Spain Production of Astatine at CERN
86 Radon Italy Radon Releases to Predict Earthquakes?
87 Francium France Discovery by Frederic and Irene Joliot-Curie
88 Radium Poland Discovery by Marie Sklodowska Curie
89 Actinium Zaire Trace Quantities of Actinium in Pitchblende
90 Thorium Austria Auer's Throrium Mantle Gas Lamp
91 Protactinium Sweden Partial Credit for Discovery of Protactinium
92 Uranium West Germany Uranium Fission
93 Neptunium United Nations Fallout from Above Ground Nuclear Tests
94 Plutonium Israel Breeder Reactors
95 Americium Ukraine Chernobyl Fallout
96 Curium Madagascar Curies in Lab
97 Berkelium Rep. of Guinee Ernest Lawrence Discovery Berkelium with Cyclotron
98 Californium Egypt Neutron Source for Mine and Explosives Detection Sytems
99 Einsteinium Rep. Marshal Islands Ivy Mike Test Enewetak Atoll First Production Element 99
100 Fermium Italy Enrico Fermi (with famous mistake in equation on board)
101 Mendelevium U.S.S.R. Produced via Bombardment of Einsteinium by Alpha Particles
102 Nobelium Hungary First Produced at Dubna Atomic Research Institute
103 Lawrencium St. Vincent Lawrence with First Cyclotron
104 Rutherfordium New Zealand Electrons Orbiting Rutherford's Head!
105 Dubnium Poland Dubna Institute #2
106 Seaborgium U.S.S.R. Dubna Institute #3
107 Bohrium Denmark Niels Bohr
108 Hassium U.S.S.R. IUPAC Settles Naming Disputes
109 Meitnerium Austria Lise Meitner
110 Darmstadtium Canada Prepared by Firing Nickel into Lead
111 Roentgenium Egypt Roentgen and Discovery of X-Rays
112 Copernicium Mexico Prepared by Firing Zn into Lead
114 Flerovium Russia Russian Nuclear Scientist
116 Livermorium U.S.S.R. Dubna Institute #4

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