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Antoine Lavoisier

Antoine Lavoisier produced a list chemical substances, that included the 23 known elements. He also refined the concept as before this time, metals - with the exception of mercury - were not considered to be elements. Wikipedia.

A list of 33 simple substances compiled by Lavoisier, from Traité Élémentaire de Chimie, Cuchet, Paris, 1789, p. 192:

From Peter van der Krogt's Elementymology & Elements Multidict web site:

Lavoisier's Table of Simple Substances (1789)
New names (French) Old names (English translation)
Lumière Light
Calorique Heat
Principle of heat
Igneous fluid
Matter of fire and of heat
Oxygène Dephlogisticated air
Empyreal air
Vital air
Base of vital air
Azote Phlogisticated gas
Base of mephitis
Hydrogène Inflammable air or gas
Base of inflammable air
New names (French) Old names (English translation)
Antimoine Antimony
Argent Silver
Arsenic Arsenic
Bismuth Bismuth
Cobolt Cobalt
Cuivre Copper
Étain Tin
Fer Iron
Manganèse Manganese
Mercure Mercury
Molybdène Molybdena
Nickel Nickel
Or Gold
Platine Platina
Plomb Lead
Tungstène Tungsten
Zinc Zinc
New names (French) Old names (English translation)
Soufre Sulphur
Phosphore Phosphorus
Carbone Pure charcoal
Radical muriatique Unknown
Radical fluorique Unknown
Radical boracique Unknown
New names (French) Old names (English translation)
Chaux Chalk, calcareous earth
Magnésie Magnesia, base of Epsom salt
Baryte Barote, or heavy earth
Alumine Clay, earth of alum, base of alum
Silice Siliceous earth, vitrifiable earth
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