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Year:  2021 PT id = 1184

van Spronsen's Periodic Table: Update

René Vernon writes:

I'd never before realised how clever van Spronsen's 1969 Periodic Table is. It seems to be the ultimate logical electronic version, informed by the actual filling sequence in the gas phase atoms, rather than the idealised sequence.

So, H-He are over Li-Be.

Group 3 is Sc-Y-La-Ac since that is where the d-shell starts filling. In the rest of the d-block, there are (4+1) x d5 and (4+2) x d10.

The f-block starts with Ce, as that is where the f-shell starts filling. Notice the high degree of regularity with the 4 x f7 and the 4 x f14, and how Th is treated i.e. as 5f0.

After DIM's 8-column form, I believe the periodic family tree now looks like this:

Three split-blocks
1a. He over Ne; B-Al over Sc-Y-La-Ac = old school form
1b. H-He over F-Ne; ditto = e.g. Soddy 1914?, Kipp 1942?

Two split blocks
2a. He over Ne; group 3 as Sc-Y-La-Ac = popular form

One split-block
3a. He over Ne; group 3 as Sc-Y-Lu-Lr = Lu form 3b. He over Be; group 3 as Sc-Y-La-La = forgotten van Spronsen form

No split blocks
4. He over Be = Janet equivalent

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