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The Lewis Acid/Base Reaction Chemistry Package: Book + Poster

  • ISBN 0-9536960-0-6
  • Special web price: £19.50 (US$36.00, €28.00) including world wide postage. (The regular price is £30.)

  • Buy by PayPal or send an official purchase order or cheque to meta-synthesis.
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  • The Lewis Acid/Base Reaction Chemistry Package is made up of three parts:
    • A book (96 pages, paperback) introduces and presents the new chemistry in a linear manner. A glossary of terms and bibliography are included.
    • A full colour wall poster (A1 size, 590 x 840mm, 23.5 x 33in) shows the central ideas behind the chemogenesis analysis as a single and very striking graphic.

    • PLEASE NOTE, THAT THE PACKAGE NO LONGER INCLUDES: The Chemical Thesaurus v 4 on a Win-Mac hybrid CD-ROM. Contains all current versions of the software and it can run from the CD. The software no longer runs on recent versions of Windows/OSX. Apologies for this. Please use the ChemThes web database.