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Clickable Patterns in Reaction Chemistry Poster

The Chemogenesis analysis shows there to be five distinct electronic reactions chemistries: Redox, Photo, Lewis Acid/Base, Radical and Diradical. Of these five, the richest is Lewis acid/base reaction chemistry because so much inorganic and organic reaction chemistry can be considered in terms of interacting Lewis acids and Lewis bases, including:
  • Dative bonding & coordination complexes
  • Brønsted acidity
  • Electrophilic & nucleophilic addition & substitution
  • Diels-Alder cycloaddition
  • Etc., etc., etc.

It transpires that when classified by electronic structure, FMO topology and reaction behaviour, four general types of Lewis base and six general types of Lewis acid are recognised, and that these 6 x 4 types of Lewis acid and Lewis base interact to give a matrix with 24 distinct types of Lewis acid/base complex.

Like the periodic table, the Lewis acid/base interaction matrix has many properties. It is a general and comprehensive reaction chemistry schema that naturally crosses the inorganic-organic divide.

Click on a cell to explore the Lewis Acid/Base Interaction Matrix:

meta views

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Lewis Acid/Base Interaction Matrix  
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